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Yoga – Yājñavalkya – Saṁhitā – The Yoga Treatise Yājñavalkya




Yogayājñavalkya Saṁhitā is a work on eight-limbed Yoga which is in the form of a conversation between Sage Yājñavalkya and seeker Gārgī. This text was given a lot of importance by Yogācharya Krishnamacharya. The first edition was translated by Śrī TKV Desikachar and was published in the year 2000. Revision of both the text and translation was carried out after 15 years in this edition. Two hitherto unpublished essays of Yogācharya Krishnamacharya, from the archives of Krishnamacharya Yoga Mandiram, served as sources of reference to the translation of the verses in this revised edition.

Further, a few verses from the critical edition of Yogayājñavalkya Saṁhitā published by the Bombay Branch of Royal Asiatic Society in the year 1954 have also been included in this edition. These verses are included to enrich the existing understanding of this very precious text on Yoga.

All the notes to the verses by the translator of the previous edition have been included and a few more have also been added in this revised edition. A couple of new illustrations have also been included. The two aforementioned essays of Yogācharya Krishnamacharya have been translated and presented in the appendix section of this edition.

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