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Man has been a seeker since time immemorial. As he evolved, his thirst to understand the mysteries of life grew. His experiences made him ask questions, many of which he was unable to explain through logic. It was this quest to find answers, that led him to search within. It was also this quest that gave rise to the origin of so many schools of philosophical thought.

While the paths indicated by ancient masters may be many and diverse, they all emphasise the necessity of seeking and finding the inner light which lies within each of us: our highest potential.

In this book, Sri TKV Desikachar presents the essence of three decades of study under his father Sri T Krishnamacharya. The co-author, Mr. Martyn Neal, has faithfully respected the inimitable manner in which Sri TKV Desikachar explained so simply and yet so profoundly the multiple facets of this inward journey – the role of suffering, the necessity for disciplining the mind, the teacher-student relationship, social and personal responsibilities and values, the role of the mind in dealing with suffering and faith as a catalyst to transformation.

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