Customised Yoga therapy interventions for adults and children is the hallmark of the Krishnamacharya Tradition. In KYM’s approach the multiple tools of yoga are adapted to suit individual needs and capabilities, making the KYM one of the most renowned centres for yoga therapy in the world. The collective experience of KYM’s yoga therapists, many of whom have been trained by TKV Desikachar over four decades is well documented with care seekers’ record numbering nearly a 1,00,000. Yoga therapy interventions are only offered one-on-one, following the unique teaching style of TKV Desikachar. Our yoga therapists design a personal practice for each care seeker integrating multiple tools of yoga and also including specific diet and lifestyle modifications. KYM’s expertise includes musculo-skeletal issues, cardiac issues, metabolic issues, cognitive and psychological disorders, geriatric issues, auto-immune conditions, digestive disorders, depression and anxiety, neurological conditions, women’s issues and more.

Process of Therapy

  • Please schedule a consultation by phone (+91 44 2495 2900/2493 7998) or email (
  • Please bring medical reports, if any, when you come for the consultation.
  • At the consultation, you will be assessed by a senior yoga therapist who will design a practice that suits your specific needs. This practice will be taught to you by one of our yoga therapists who will be assigned to you.
  • You will be required to meet your yoga therapist at intervals. Your practice will be reviewed based on your feedback.
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