$01 Nov

Yoga for Women | Guided Āsana Practice Sessions

Days | All Weekdays
Programme Fee | INR 2,500 per participant
Time | 10 AM
Venue | KYM Premises, Chennai

Śrī T Krishnamacharya was emphatic in his insistence that women learn and practice Yoga, a view that he established repeatedly in his teaching methodology. He also felt that women, for the most part, neglected their own self-care in the pursuit of personal and professional aspirations. For many years now, KYM has been offering a guided practice designed specifically for women of all ages, apart from its other group and one-on-one offerings. During the pandemic, these classes were taken online but continued with enthusiastic participation from large numbers of women. These online classes continue post pandemic as well.

Now, following repeated requests from our students for classes to resume in person, KYM is delighted to bring back its daily group practices for women at its premises. Classes commence from 1st November at 10 AM, Monday through Friday, with weekends off. This group class is open to all levels of practitioners, and focuses on integrating Āsana, Prāṇāyāma and visualisation for holistic wellness, stress management and enhanced quality of life.

While open to people of all ages, it is recommended that those who have specific health ailments opt for our one-on-one therapy support sessions.

To Register fill the form below. Enquiries received till the 10th of the month would be admitted in the very same month. Enquiries received post 10th will be encouraged to join the class in the subsequent month.

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