$15 July

The Yoga of the Bhagavadgīta

Dates – 15th July – 26th July, 2019*
Venue – Swami Dayananda Ashram, Rishikesh

KYM brings to you a great opportunity to immerse yourself in the teachings of the Bhagavadgīta, and also bathe in the pristine waters of the Ganga at Rishikesh, which is acclaimed as Devabhūmi.

Led by our senior mentor, trustee and Chairperson of the Board of Studies, Śrī S Sridharan, “The Yoga of the Bhagavadgīta ” offers an intensive study of the Bhagavadgīta in the light of Patañjali-s Yogasūtra.

Philosophy lectures will be interwoven with Āsana, Prāṇāyāma and meditative practices and also chanting of the Bhagavadgīta.

Accommodation will be in Dayananda Ashram at Rishikesh on twin sharing basis. Simple vegetarian food will be served. The participants should reach the Ashram by July 14th. The programme commences on 15th and ends on 26th evening. Participants can make their return travel arrangements on July 27th 2019,

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Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra
Mantra Mala
Learn Vedic Chanting