$07 Dec

The Horses and the Tortoise | Understanding and Working with the Senses

Dates: December 7 to 18, 2020
Fees: USD 650

This two-week Yoga intensive, explores the functions of the ten Indriya-s, the senses, and how they impact the mind. While being useful windows for us to engage with and experience the world, the senses can also lead us astray quite easily. The KaṭhopaniṢad explains through the metaphor of a horse driven chariot – the connection between the senses and the mind. When given free reign, the senses are like untamed horses that can topple the chariot of the mind. Conversely, as presented in the Bhagavadgīta, if we learn to discipline and withdraw the senses, in the fashion of a tortoise that slowly retracts its limbs when confronted with danger, the senses can be trained to serve well their master, the mind.

The many tools of Yoga such as Āsana, Prāṇāyāma, chanting and visualisation can lead us to increased sensory discipline, thereby enhancing attention.

This two-week intensive offers participants a reflective experience that sets the foundation to making sense of the senses.

The daily schedule includes

  • Āsana practice
  • Perspectives on the Indriya-s from Yoga literature (Lecture session)
  • Prāṇāyāma practice
  • Chanting
  • Applying the tools of Yoga – discussions using case studies
  • Meditative practice

Classes will be held Monday through Friday with weekends off. In case of any Government declared holiday during the course, compensatory classes will be held on a Saturday.

This is a non-residential programme. Participants have to make their own arrangements for accommodation and food. A simple south Indian vegetarian breakfast will be served after Āsana practice every morning along with tea and light snacks in the afternoon break. Please write to us for a list of student-recommended accommodation options in the vicinity of KYM.

Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra
Mantra Mala
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