$20 Nov

Sūrya Dhyānam | Invoking the Sun Through Dhyānam

Dates | Nov 20, 27, Dec 4, 11, 18, 2022 Jan 8, 22 & 29, 2023
Time | 7 – 8.30 AM Indian Standard Time
Mode | Online
Programme Fee | Rs. 4,000 per participant

Since time immemorial, the sun, while celebrated at an Ādhibhaūtika level as the indispensable source of light, warmth and nourishment for all beings, has also been glorified as a Devata, the divine source of luminosity and first in the pantheon of the Navagraha. At the Ādhyātmika level, the sun is representative of the light within, as the resplendent and effulgent Antarātma, whose radiance is diminished on account of the clouding imposed by the mental Kleśa-s. The Yogasūtra indicates that Dhyānam is the pathway to refining the mind to its highest potential, thereby enabling Prajña, the highest intuitive wisdom. Among many possible objects of Dhyānam, the sun is one that represents a Śubhāśraya, one that confers all manner of auspicious transformations. In this webinar, senior mentor of KYM, Śrī S Sridharan takes participants through an experiential overview of Dhyānam with Sūrya as the central Dhyeya.

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