$18 Mar

Punātu Ma | A Healing Chants Intensive focusing on internal and external cleansing


Dates – March 18 to 29, 2019
Programme Fee – USD 650

The path of Yoga enables us to develop a certain degree of mindfulness so that we are aware of our thoughts, words and actions and also, therefore, of their implications. The idea behind facilitating such stillness of the mind is to prevent or minimise our hasty or insensitive behaviour that can adversely impact not only others, but ourselves too. In parallel, Tapas, or a systematic process of disciplining body, mind and senses in order to remove toxins is also recommended. Chanting becomes one very powerful form of Tapas that impacts body, speech and mind. While bringing the mind to attention, the process of chanting in itself, improves exhalation, thereby creating a sense of lightness. Further, the import of certain Vedic Mantra-s is such that their utterance also helps us reduce mental and emotional impurities.

In this two-week immersion, participants will be taught the following chants, focusing on cleansing at all dimensions of the system:

  • Aghamarsana suktam
  • Viraja mantrah
  • Aksibhyam te suktam
  • Pavamana suktam

Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra
Mantra Mala
Learn Vedic Chanting