A Special Program for Homemakers

Special Yoga Packages For Home-Makers

KYM Outreach is happy to announce a comprehensive range of packages for homemakers. Each package comes with a unique focus incorporating one or more techniques such as Asana, Pranayama, Meditation, Chanting, Visualization, etc. Also included are interactive lecture sessions by our experts on a wide range of subjects. Some of the topics to be taken up for discussion may include

  • Yoga and Health

  • Diet and Health

  • Yoga and Sleep Disorders

  • Yoga and Obesity

  • Yoga and Back Pain

  • Yoga and Stress

  • Yoga and Depression

  • Yoga and Relationships

  • Breathing Practices in Yoga

  • Yoga and Meditation

  • Yoga and Menstrual Disorders

  • Yoga for Menopause Symptoms


This program aims at progressively introducing participants to a series of simple yoga practices comprising asanas, pranayama and relaxation techniques with the focus on enhancing their general wellbeing, enhancing stamina and boosting self-confidence.

This program focuses on enhancing overall flexibility, improving stamina and facilitating relaxation.

Included in this program are invigorating asana, pranayama and chanting practices apart from interesting interactive sessions.


Inability to handle stress and still maintain a balanced personal life is increasingly contributing to the development of stress-induced diseases that in the long run affect not just the individual but the family as well. This program focuses on gentle guided practices of asanas and pranayama keeping in mind the needs of the participants. Incorporation of reflective visualization techniques and meditative practices reduce distress and help participants manage stress better.

The onus of this program is to reduce physical and emotional tension and enable stress relief and relaxation.

Included in this program are powerful, yet soothing asana, pranayama and meditative practices, apart from incorporation of simple chants and interactive lecture sessions.


This is a fitness intensive yoga program targeted specifically at fitness enthusiasts. Participants will be taught a series of challenging and dynamic asana practices that consolidate the effects of aerobics, jogging, gym work outs and more. The focus will be on brisk workouts that strengthen and tone the entire body, relieve muscular tension, enhance flexibility, stimulate physiological activities through energizing breathing practices and enable mental clarity and confidence.

Designed for hard-core fitness enthusiasts, this program focuses on toning the body, improving stamina, enhancing flexibility and enabling weight reduction.

This program features powerful yoga practices that focus on incorporating a wide range of postures and dynamic movement sequences known as vinyasa.


Yoga, contrary to popular belief is not about the practice of postures alone. As much if not more important are the techniques of pranayama and meditation. When practiced under competent guidance, both pranayama and meditation can contribute significantly towards reducing mental agitation and promoting a sense of peace and stillness, not just in the body but in the mind as well. These two programs help participants rediscover and empower themselves from within.

  1. A Deep Breath of Health An Introduction to Pranayama

  2. Mind Over Matter - Building Resilience Through Meditation

These programs focus on building up energy and resilience and overcoming fatigue through subtle practices of breathing and visualization.

Included in these programs are effective practices of pranayama, chanting, visualization and meditative techniques.

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