$11 Jun

Mahakhaga – A Pranayama Intensive

Date – 11th June to 22nd June, 2018
Fees – USD 650

Mahakhaga – A Pranayama Intensive
The Hathayogapradipika presents prana very poetically as “mahakhaga,” the great bird, that when trained to soar, can not only purify us in every dimension of the system but also lead us to the highest state of liberation. T Krishnamacharya highlights the crucial role of pranayama in the path of yoga.

This two-week intensive offers participants an in-depth study of the theory and practice of pranayama, also looking at some of the important classical references to prana and pranayama.

Sessions include

  1. Asana Practice – as a preparation for Pranayama
  2. Theoretical Foundations of Pranayama – including references to Pranayama from Classical Texts such as Yogasutra, Hathayogapradipika and Yajnavalkya samhita
  3. Veda adhyayanam (chanting) and its connection to prana
  4. Pranayama Practices
  5. Application of Pranayama – Practical aspects of Pranayama in Therapy and in Meditation
  6. Use of Sounds in Pranayama – to include Theory – Chanting as a tool, its Effects, Brhmana, Langhana Techniques of pranayama, bandha-s samantraka pranayama and their applications
  7. Meditative Practice

Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra
Mantra Mala
Learn Vedic Chanting