$26 Feb

A Glimpse into Atmadarsanam

Generally, for those who wish to immerse themselves in spiritual sojourn, rivers and beaches are very popular since the levels of environmental prana tends to be higher in the vicinity of water bodies. KYM is happy to announce “Atmadarsanam”, a chanting intensive retreat set in the midst of a beautiful landscape by the flowing waters of the Siruvani.

This 5 days programme will focus specifically on excerpts from the “Kathakam,” one of the very well-known segments from the Taittiriya Brahmana branch of the Krsna Yajur Veda.

A recurring theme among many Upanisads, especially the Kathopanisad is the story of Nachiketas, the young child who had the strength to stand up to Yama, the God of Death and secure from him an initiation into the highest knowledge of the Self that would lead one away from the bondage of life into the freedom of liberation. The Kathakam portions chosen for this retreat focuses specifically on “suryopasana,” meditation on the sun and the gradual progression from the gross to the subtle, in a deep and stirring journey to the realm of the Self.

• Programme Dates | 26th February to 2nd March, 2018
• Venue | Anaikatti by the Siruvani, A Sterling Resort
• Programme Fee | Indian Students (twin sharing) – Rs. 30,000 | International Students (twin sharing) – US$ 600
• Price Inclusive of accommodation, three meals a day, conveyance to the venue and course material

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Mantra Mala
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