I. Books on T Krishnamacharya

The Yoga of T Krishnamacharya.
by TKV Desikachar
140 x 215 mm.
Paperback edition. 76 pages

This book is a compilation of lectures given by TKV Desikachar about his father and teacher T.Krishnamacharya. The book is presented in two parts, the first dealing with T Krishnamacharya as a teacher, physician and yogi. The second part presents in a very simple way the meaning of yoga.



Yogacarya Krishnamacharya
- The Purnacarya

Edited by Mala Srivatsan
185 x 240 mm.
Paperback edition. 156 pages.


This biography of T Krishnamacharya is based on his numerous oral recollections. This book with rare photographs and beautiful illustrations, traces his life from his early days of travelling and learning to his last days. The book contains a lot of information on the great master that was previously unpublished.

Title: The Yoga of The Yogi

The Yoga of The Yogi is a tribute to one of the greatest yogis of the modern era. Tirumalai Krishnamacharya, known to yoga students everywhere as a "master of masters". In the early twentieth century when India's traditional teachings were in danger of being lost, Krishnamacharya revived the ancient tradition of yoga for the modern world. He was a yogi par excellence, a dedicated healer, a ferocious debater, a master of Indian philosophy, and a talented poet and author. Little has been written about his life or his work, but the names of his most famous students - Indra Devi, Pattabi Jois, BKS Iyengar, and TKV Desikachar - are known all over the world. Yet, the full promise of Krishnamacharya's legacy, unfamiliar to many yoga practitioners in the West, is still waiting to be explored.

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Oru Yogiyin Saritham
The Tamil Biography of Sri Krishnamacharya.
Edited by S Sridharan.
140 x 215 mm.
Paperback edition. 90 pages.

This book is the Tamil translation of the English Biography, "Sri Krishnamacharya, The Purnacarya". Tamil is the language spoken in Tamilnadu, the land where T Krishnamacharya spent the last 50 years of his life.


II. Granthamala Series

The Granthamala series comprises several books which highlight the wisdom and teachings of T Krishnamacharya

Composed by T Krishnamacharya. Translated by TKV Desikachar.
180 x 120mm.
Paperback edition. 34 pages.

This poem which contains 32 verses was composed by T Krishnamacharya. It highlights T Krishnamacharya's immense understanding of yoga and his insight on how it can help us. The small book forms the first of the Granthamala Series



Yoganjalisaram - Audio Rendering.
by TKV Desikachar, Sheela Shankar & Mekhala Desikachar.

This audio tape comprises a melodious rendering of T. Krishnamacharya's 'Yoganjalisaram'. Side B Contains some famous passages from the Vedas, like the Surya Mantra, Gayatri, Surya Upanishad, and Aditya Hrdayam.



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Composed by T Krishnamacharya. Translated by TKV Desikachar
180 x 120 mm.
Paperback edition. xxii + 34 pages

This is another poem by T Krishnamacharya, which forms the third of the Granthamala Series. It deals with the concept of Dhyanam or meditation. Through this work that he composed in one day, Krishnamacharya provides deep insights that are significant in the process of meditation. The verses have been translated into English by TKV Desikachar.



Audio Tape.
composed by T Krishnamacharya.
sung by TKV Desikachar, Mala srivastan, Menaka Desikachar, & Mekhala Desikachar


The audio rendition of the poem on meditations forms the fifth of the Granthamala series. This cassette has been designed to help the listener learn and recite the poem. The second side features a compilation of some important works of many great Indian saints.



Sri Nathamuni's Yogarahasya
Revised Second Edition
Commentary by T Krishnamacharya. Translated by TKV Desikachar
Paperback Indian Edition; Hardback international edition
165.1 mm x 234.1 mm
205 pages, 82 photographs.

"Yoga Rahasya", one of the most important texts on yoga was composed by a ninth century Vaishnavite saint, Nathamuni and was subsequently lost. Mysteriously revived by T Krishnamacharya in the early twentieth century, this text contains a lot of practical information on how yoga plays a role in the different stages of life, pregnancy, therapy and more.



Yogayajnavalkya Samhita.
Translation by TKV Desikachar
180 x 245 mm.
Hardcover edition. 172 pages.

Considered as one of the most ancient texts on yoga, the Yogayajnavalkya Samhita is presented in the form of a dialogue between the great sage Yajnavalkya and his wife, the learned Gargi. The text consisting of twelve chapters presents many concepts of yoga that are unique to this work. It also presents ideas that are different from the other popular yoga texts. This book contains the original Sanskrit slokas, their English transliteration and translation.



III. Other Publications

Patanjala Yoga Darsanam
The Yoga Sutra-s of Patanjali with Chant Notation
145 x 210 mm.
Paperback edition. 63 pages.

This book is an aid to those wanting to recite theYoga Sutras of Patanjali. The aphorisms are broken down into smaller words in order to make chanting easier. The sutras are marked with the appropriate chant notations. The book also contains a composition of Sri T Krishnamacharya on Patanjali.

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An Illustrated guide to Asana & Pranayama
by M J N Smith
220 x 285 mm.
Hardcover edition. 215 pages.

This exhaustive compilation presents over 200 asanas, many of their adaptations in a pictorial format, and techniques of the different pranayama, and bandha-s. The glossary is also very useful in understanding the meanings of the different asanas and pranayama.



Vedic Chant Companion
by TKV Desikachar and Kausthub Desikachar
150 x 210 mm.
Paperback edition. 67 pages.

A companion to those interested in Vedic chanting , this book is presented in three parts. The first part deals with the history of the Veda-s, their origin and evolution. The second part describes Vedic chant pedagogy. Answers to frequently asked questions on Vedic chanting form the third and final part of this handy book .


The Yoga Story.
Story and text by Srimathy Gopalakrishnan. Illustrations by CS Diwakar and Ramesh
175 x 240 mm.
Paperback edition. 20 pages.

A comic that tells the tale of how a young boy learns about yoga from his grandfather. Apart from the story every page has an illustration, name and meaning of an asana. Also, a fact about Yoga is presented in every page. This book is designed to create an awareness of and interest in yoga in the minds of children, but will be an easy read for adults as well.

The Veda Story - Comic
Story and Text : Lakshmi Kausthub
Illustrations : C.Diwakar and V.Ramesh
180 X 245 mm, 16 pages, Paperback

Through the story of a girl discovering Vedas from her mother, this comic book describes the evolution of the Veda-s, the most sacred of Indian scriptures, and certain ideas that pertain to its practice. The book is designed to induce an interest in children to learn the Veda-s, but also makes an easy and useful read for adults.


What are we seeking
by TKV Desikachar with Martyn Neal
140 X 220 mm, 167 pages, Paperback

"What are we seeking?" is a quest to understand the source of light within us. It is a quest to come in contact with the heart, which we seem to have got disconnected with. It is a quest for the human values that contribute to our peaceful living. It is a quest to reintegrate ourselves with our true nature. Masters like T Krishnamacharya, considered the greatest exponent of yoga in the last century and his son and student TKV Desikachar, have been so kind to synthesise their expertise in many of the Indian philosophies to show us a way to the heart. T K V Desikachar who is today considered an authority on Yoga has drawn from the philosophies of Yoga, Vedanta, Samkhya and the Vedas, in this book.



The Viniyoga of Yoga
by TKV Desikachar with Kausthub Desikachar and Frans Moors.
275 x 215 mm.
Paperback edition. 391 pages.

'Viniyoga' is the ability to adapt the tools of yoga to suit different needs. This book deals with two of the most popular tools of yoga - Asana and Pranayama, and their applications based on varying requirements. This book containing over 1000 pictures includes:

- The techniques of the most important asana-s and pranayama presented in simple steps.
- he modifications that are possible and the contexts where these will be useful.
- The techniques of the most important asana-s and pranayama presented in simple steps.

Examples where these have been applied to real life situations.



In Search of Mind
by T K V Desikachar
155 X155 mm, 147 pages, Paperback

A journey in discovering the mind, and its possibilities, this little book on meditation is based on various talks given by TKV Desikachar in Europe. The first part deals with the theme "Knowing the mind", the second "Refining the mind" and the last one "Directing the mind." Most of the book is in the form of question and answers and makes it engaging and "un-put-downable".


Learning Through Yoga
Second Edition
by Raghu Ananthanarayanan
215 X 275 mm, 185 pages

This book, containing over 500 pictures, will appeal to every level of yoga enthusiasts, as it integrates the philosophy of yoga with daily practice. Through a systematic and simple approach, it explains how yoga can be put into action. The book will particularly interest the inquisitive mind that is searching to discover these timeless truths in modern day lifestyles.


"Udale Unnai Aaradikkiren" -
A comprehensive book on Yoga in Tamil
by T K V Desikachar
112 pages

For many years now, there has been an increasing demand for books on yoga, that would be accessible to Tamil readers in India and abroad. The Vikatan Group of Publications, a leading and very well known media group in Tamil Nadu, brought out in 1993 book in Tamil written by T K V Desikachar titled "Udale Unnai Aaradikkiren". This book is a comprehensive discussion of various aspects of yoga practice, complete with answers to several important yoga and health related queries. This 112 page book which has sold almost fifty thousand copies is now in its fifth reprint.

Reflections on Yoga Sutra-s of Patanjali - By T K V Desikachar

Number of Pages : 210
Paperback edition :153mmX210mm
Hardback edition : 160mmX220mm

This book comprises the original Sutra-s, their translation and commentary by T K V Desikachar. This edition also presents two unique sections that offer great value addition to readers. One section presents the Yoga Sutra-s with chant notations that will aid recitation and the other is an index of all the words that appear in the text along with the Sutra-s in which they appear for easy reference. "Reflections on Yoga Sutra-s of Patanjali" is available in a paperback Indian edition and a hardback international edition. The international edition comes with a complimentary CD featuring an audio rendition of the Sutra-s in the classical format.

Krishnamacharya Yoga Mandiram - Darsanam

The Darsanam was the quarterly magazine of the KYM. A number of interesting themes have been dealt with in the different issues of the magazine, with contributions from leading authorities from different fields. Interviews of world renowned personalities like the Dalai Llama, and Sri Sankaracarya have formed part of the content of this magazine. Due to some practical difficulties the Darsanam was stopped to the disappointment of its regular readers. However, the back issues continue to be in demand. The following back issues are available for sale. May 1991. Feb 1994. May 1994. Aug 1994. Nov 1994. Feb 1995. Aug 1995. Nov 1995. Feb 1996.

Patanjali's Yoga Sutra - an Exploration
by TKV Desikachar

Considered the most important work on Yoga, the Yoga Sutra-s of Patanjali presents the entire doctrine of yoga in 195 aphorisms. Its is the first systematic work on yoga, and is also regarded as the final authority.
This CDROM aims at bringing the yoga sutra-s closed to the yoga public. It presents the sutras of Patanjali, along with its transliteration and includes the translation and commentary of TKV Desikachar. TKV Desikachar's work presents a very lucid interpretation, based on his own study with his teacher and father T Krishnamacharya, revered as one of the greatest yoga masters.
This CDROM also contains an audio rendering of the yogasutra-s, chanted in the classical style and in split up form, to make it easier for the beginer to follow. It also has features for user to print their own worksheets for either a particular sutra or the whole text.

In Union - Vedic Chant CD - Single Pack
Gayatri - Taittiriya Upanisat - Narayana Upanisat

No other Chant continues to be so alive, inspiring every day millions of people. Vedadhyayanam or vedic chanting is the recitation of the Vedas exactly as it was heard by sages centuries ago in their state of meditation. Veda is believed to be the voice of the creator. Through this was highest wisdom conveyed.
This Vedic Chant CD comes compelete with an 12 page booklet on benefits of Vedic Chanting and meanings of the different chantings in the CD.

Pilgrimage of Sound - Vedic Chant CD - Double Pack
Rudram - Chamakam - Santipathams - Suktams

Listening to vedic chanting at the right moment is most meditative. It quietens the mind and soothes the spirit. A feeling of freshness can be experineced. The more one listens to it the more it heals the heart.
This Vedic Chant Double CD pack comes compelete with an 16 page booklet on benefits of Vedic Chanting and meanings of the different chantings in the CD. 


Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra-s audio CD

 Rendered by Kausthub Desikachar in the classical format as well as in a simplified version that will appeal to beginners, this CD presents the Yoga Sutra-s of Patanjali in a lucid and comprehensive manner. This CD has been designed to

 -         help yoga enthusiasts connect with the language of the Yoga Sutra-s

-         help refine the pronunciation of the Sutra-s in Sanskrit

-         inspire students of yoga to learn and enjoy the recitation of this great text.

 This accurate audio rendition by Kausthub Desikachar represents the legacy of a long lineage of yoga teachers and will be an ideal reference for every student and teacher of yoga.


Adi Sankara's yoga Taravali

Translation and Commentary by T K V Desikachar and Kausthub Desikachar

Through this poem Yoga Taravali, Adi Sankara poetically and metaphorically summarizes the highest teachings of yoga. A must for every yoga enthusiast, this text will not only provide deep insights into the teachings of yoga, but will also indicate Adi Sankara's mastery over the ancient discipline of yoga.

This handy book is inspired by the interpretations of T Krishnamacharya, who considered Yoga Taravali one of the best poems on the message of yoga. This work includes the original text in Sanskrit with Roman transliteration and translation and commentary by TKV Desikachar, one of the most respected yoga masters of our times, and his student Kausthub Desikachar. The lucid and simple presentation makes this book a handy companion not just to every enthusiast of yoga but also to everyone who follows Adi Sankara's teachings.

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