The Flow of Vinyasa (17 – 28 Jul, 2017)

A Two-week asana intensive

Program Date: 17, July 2017 to 28, July 2017
Program Fee: USD 650

One of the unique contributions of T Krishnamacharya, is his innovative stringing of asana-s linked by breath, thereby creating a Vinyasa, a fluid and dynamic movement sequence.

A special aspect of using such Vinyasa, movement sequences, is that one can start from the standing position and progressively move towards other planes in a seamless fashion. Such practices require both flexibility and stamina, and at the same time, high degree of focus.

This two-week asana oriented-programme will take participants through an intense study of the principles and practice of asana vinyasa-s. Owing to the strenuous nature of practices, we require that all participants have a reasonable level of general fitness and overall good health. While it is not our intention to exclude anyone from learning, to truly experience and obtain some key insights, some basal fitness is necessary.

This two-week programme will comprise a six-hour daily schedule as follows.

  • Two practice sessions of asana
  • One pranayama practice and theory session as a means of preparing and refining the breath
  • One theory session on the fundamental rules and principles of asana and course planning using vinyasa-s
  • One chanting session to work on the breath
  • One relaxing meditative practice at the end of the day, focusing on relaxation of body and mind

Participants will be provided a light vegetarian breakfast at the KYM after the morning asana practice. Tea and biscuits will be provided by the KYM at the two breaks, one in the morning and the other in the afternoon. A two-hour break will be given for lunch. Participants are required to make their own arrangements for accommodation, food and conveyance

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