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Why we need Support

KYM is a non-profit Public charitable Trust which has healing as its primary focus. What began thirty years ago as a small yoga center by two people using an investment of Rs. 2000 (approximately 50 Euros) is today a multi-department institute with over thirty administrative staff and fifty active teachers. While we generate enough funds to support the day-to-day administration of the institute, we still need the support of friends and generous donors to help us spread Krishnamacharya’s message of healing. As you may be aware, providing free and specialized yoga training to the economically underprivileged is one of our key thrust areas. In the last ten years alone, over twenty thousand people have come to KYM seeking healing and the number of people seeking consultations is increasing daily. Given this situation, we need all the resources that will help us make Krishnamacharya’s vision a reality. Your support will go a long way in helping us. For, every little drop counts.