Samskaranam – Two Week Chanting Program (31 July – 11 August 2017)

Program Date: 31 July – 11 August, 2017
Program Fee: 650$

Chanting-integrated Meditative Practices

Our journey in yoga is essentially a journey towards refinement at all dimensions of the system, be it our thoughts, our speech or our actions. Veda adhyayanam, or the chanting of the Veda-s specifically enables a process of self-inquiry whereby we can gradually develop inner clarity and refinement while simultaneously eliminating what is toxic in our system.

This two-week chanting intensive focuses on specific chants that facilitate refinement of our inner faculties. This programme will use the traditional vikrti mode of chanting (samhita, krama, jata and Ghana) in select chants to focus not only on enhancing concentration, attention span and memory, but also to strengthen the mind and build courage and conviction.

The daily sessions will include:

  •   Three sessions of Vedic chanting
  •   One lecture on the meanings of chants taught
  •   One evening meditative practice based on key concepts presented in class

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