Refund Policy

When a registered student wishes to cancel participation from any of KYM programs, the issue of refund of Registration fee arises. KYM wishes to draw your attention to the following policies with regard to cancellation and fee refund.

Policies on Refund of Fee – International Programs

  1. All registered students who seek refund of fee on cancellation by self due to personal reasons can claim a refund of registration fee. The last date for such a claim shall be 2 months before the start of program,
  2. In the above instance, KYM shall however, charge US$ 50 as administrative charges towards meeting the expenses on refund.
  3. If refund is claimed after the above-mentioned deadline, only transfer of fee to another programme offered by KYM is permissible. The fee after deduction of 50$ shall be transferred to any future course to be conducted by KYM.
  4. There shall be no refund of fee after the commencement of any program. However, Management may take a compassionate view of the cancellation request in a case to case manner.
  5. There shall also be no refund for those candidates who have availed KYM-Assist. However, Management may decide on a case to case manner.
  6. Transfer to a future course should be utilized within a period of 1 year (from the date of start of the program) from the first cancellation. Beyond one year there shall be no refund.
  7. KYM Management can, on specific cases, decide upon the amount of deduction, in case the cost of refund is found to be more than 50$.
  8. Programme fee paid by one person is not transferrable to another, unless recommended by the concerned Department Head.
  9. Refund of fee shall be immediately effected by KYM accounts, upon approval by concerned authorities. The approved fee refund will be effeted at the latest within one monthfrom date of approval and students seeking refund will be updated on the status of their refund request through email, phone or postal mail.
  10. The policy mentioned above shall be subject to change under the discretion of KYM Management, as and when deemed necessary.

Policies on Refund of Fee – Cikitsa Package

  1. Students registered for Cikitsa consultation and classes under package system can seek refund by giving a requisition in writing.
  2. The package, in such cases shall be split and all classes and consultations shall be considered as individual classes.
  3. If the refund request is received after validity period, the reasons are to be specifically mentioned by the student and the authority granting refund shall mention reasons for recommending refund and justify in the requisition letter.
  4. Upon recommendation from concerned teacher / consultant, Cikitsa package fee may be adjusted with the fee of any other program currently being conducted.

Policies on Refund of Fee – Other Group Classes

  1. Students registered for Outreach / Studies group classes under can seek refund by giving a requisition in writing.
  2. For Outreach classes, the refund shall be calculated according to the number of classes already attended in addition to an administration charge of Rs.200 that will be levied.
  3. Change of Group classes (from morning to evening or vice versa) shall be permitted for a participant in exceptional cases.
  4. For Children’s classes, for cancellation requests received till the end of the first month of classes, an amount of Rs.500/- shall be deducted.
  5. Beyond one month, an amount proportionate to the number of classes completed in addition to an Administrative charge of Rs.200/- shall be deducted.
  6. For Studies group classes, the policy mentioned for international programs shall apply.