KYM – Mitra is KYM’s commitment to offer to the socially and economically underprivileged sections of society free and focused yoga training as a means of giving the recipients potent tools for improving health, vitality, confidence and functionality by empowering them from within. Every training module is backed by careful study into the needs of the specific group and faculty are trained to conduct classes, perform periodic assessments and obtain feedback.

KYM – Mitra relies on the donations of individuals and institutions who are willing to step forward and support this noble cause.

  • Providing free yoga training to the socially and economically underprivileged since 2001.
  • 200 plus programmes touching over 6000 lives till date, with several more socially relevant projects soon to take off.
  • A team of very experienced teachers who have diverse experience in teaching the differently-abled and children with special needs.
  • Successful collaborations with well-known NGOs.
  • KYM-Mitra has worked with Senior citizens, destitute women and children, tribal communities, children with special needs, children with learning disabilities, the speech, hearing and visually challenged and women life-term convict prisoners.
  • Weekend Yoga Intervention Clinic exclusively for children with all manner of learning disabilities.