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The Krishnamacharya Yoga Mandiram permits serious students of the Yoga  Teacher trainng programme from the Krishnamacharya tradition, to observe one­on­one  therapy classes at the KYM, with a view to providing them valuable experience in yoga therapy and how it is applied to different clinical conditions.

Those who are interested in applying for an internship at the KYM must do so in the prescribed format with an attestation of their interest and experience by their mentor.

Internships are offered for a minimum of two weeks and a maximum of four weeks. Internees may observe up to a maximum of 40 sessions ( Personal one to one therapy classes) in a two week period and up to a maximum of 80 sessions ( personal one to one  classes) in a four week period.

The management of KYM holds the sole discretionary powers regarding granting of permission for observation.

Further, internship schedules will be allotted only on a first­come­first­served basis. At any given point of time, the KYM cannot permit more than three internees.

Internees will be allotted an observation schedule depending on the class and consultation schedule fixed up for each day by the registration staff of KYM. This schedule may be subject to changes depending on the confirmation or cancellation of classes by the students, and also depending on the student’s consent for his/her class to be observed. The KYM is not liable for cancellations of classes made by the students or on account of unavailability of teachers.

Internees are required to make their own arrangements for accommodation, food and transport. No audio­visual recording of any session is permitted. Internees must bring their own stationery for writing down their observations.

Internees are requested to refrain from interrupting a class when it is in progress. All discussions between teacher and student in the classes observed must be held as confidential and the privacy of the student is to be respected above all else.

During the internship period, internees are free to take other classes (studies, therapy, chanting) if they so desire.

Please note: Submission of internship request form is not confirmation of the internship. The KYM management will process your request and intimate you of the status of your request within ten working days.

Internship Fees:  Two-week Internship (Monday to Saturday) with the opportunity to observe a maximum of forty one to one therapy classes ) ­ $300 USD

Four week Internship (Monday to Saturday) with the opportunity to observe a maximum of eighty one to one therapy classes ) ­ $600 USD

Fees may be remitted online through our website, or may be paid in person upon arrival and prior to the commencement of observations.

Internship Supervisor: Each internee will be allotted an internship supervisor to whom they are requested to direct all their queries and doubts. The internee will be allotted two sessions with the internship supervisor (for the two week internship) or four sessions with the internship supervisor (for the four week internship).

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