Healing Chants

One of T Krishnamacharya’s most significant contributions has been the integration of healing chants from various sacred texts in his approach to yoga therapy. In the words of our founder, TKV Desikachar, “Chanting can open our hearts,” and thereby it become a potent tool in the context of health and healing.

KYM’s Department of Healing chants offers in depth training in Vedic chanting and chanting from other sacred Indian texts with an emphasis on perfection. It was T Krishnamacharya who pioneered the effort to throw open the portals of Vedic Chanting to all who were interested in learning and preserving it for posterity.The Department of Healing Chants is committed to taking his initiative further through short-term intensives and teacher training programmes.

  • 200+ hours intensive teacher training program in healing chants.
  • Emphasis on the traditional adhyayanam system of learning using Vedic chant pedagogy.
  • Classes conducted for individuals and groups.
  • Healing chants from the Veda-s and other sacred texts.
  • Chanting of Yoga Sutra, Bhagavad Gita, compositions of Vedanta Desika, compositions of T Krishnamacharya and other select sloka-s that promote health and wellbeing.