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Yoga Classes for Children

The KYM has been offering yoga classes for children since the early eighties and the institute continues this tradition, in keeping with T Krishnamacharya’s emphatic view that children must be introduced to the practice of yoga, when young, to ensure their holistic physical, physiological, psychological, emotional and spiritual growth.
Group asana classes are offered in three batches every Saturday as follows.

Beginners: 3 to 3.50 pm
Intemediate: 4 to 4.50 pm
Advanced: 5 to 5.50 pm.

The classes follow the siksana karma style of teaching advocated by Sri T Krishnamacharya, with children learning over a hundred asana-s across a period of 8 months, both independently and though strudtured vinyasa sequences. Classes commence in Mid June of every year and continue till early February of the next year.

Programme Fee:
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